Workplace Wellness and Active Commutes

Boost your employees’ health and wellness through active commuting support and benefits.

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QuotesToday’s staffing issues make one thing clear: promoting and supporting your employees’ physical and mental health are more important than ever. Employers play a vital role in creating workplaces that foster employee wellbeing. Workplace wellness promoting healthy habits can improve employee health and job satisfaction, plus there are all kinds of benefits for employers, too.

Supporting active commute options at worksites—bicycling, walking, an d taking transit—is a great scalable, relatively low-cost way for employers to boost employee health and wellness. Read on to learn about the many benefits of active commuting, and how to build support, benefits, and perks into your workplace wellness efforts.

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bikewomanTips on getting started…

Here are some strategies to start building active commuting support, benefits, and perks into your wellness efforts:

Ask employees about what types of active commuting support, services, and benefits appeal most to them
Factor in organizational needs like improving facilities and amenities and reducing employee burnout
Tap into local resources and programs—like bike safety and maintenance workshops and Oregon’s trip planning and rewards tool Get There Connect that’s available for free to all Oregonians
Be flexible and make adjustments based on your employees’ needs


Screen Shot 2023 01 23 at 1.17.04 PMSupport, Services, & Benefits Options

There are all kinds of active commuting support, services, and benefits to offer employees, including:

Wellness credits for purchasing equipment and gear
Monthly financial rewards for logging active commute trips
Onsite tools like bike pumps and multitools for repairs and maintenance
Amenities, ranging from secure bike parking to personal lockers and/or shower facilities
Bike tune-up days
How-to Information about active commuting and available onsite amenities
Peer support and tips to help employees start active commuting
Active commuting information and resources in new employee packets

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