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What is OB Prime?

Think of OB Prime as an all access pass: Get a subscription to Oregon Business print & digital magazines, PLUS exclusive content produced by the Oregon Business team.

What is included with OB Prime?

+ 10 issues (one year) of the Oregon Business magazine print edition
+ 10 issues of the digital version of Oregon Business, our print edition, readable on any device
+ Special monthly emails with bonus story content, discount codes for gift cards from halfofforegon.com, event discounts, special research stories, and photos that didn’t make our stories. (separate from our regular weekly e-newsletter)

How much does it cost to join OB Prime?

OB Prime SAVES YOU 50% off the single issue price – plus gives you extra content you can’t get anywhere else! It costs only $2.08 per month (that’s less than a cup of coffee) – just $24.95 per year!

How do I sign up?

Note: If you would like the digital edition of our magazine only (no print edition and no extras), you can use the same link above to get three years for free.

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