Energize + Grow Your Workforce: Employee Commute and Remote Work Support + Benefits Options

Brand Story – Serve business needs by leveraging low-cost commute and remote work solutions using free tools and services.

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daily commute 2Today, work satisfaction plays a big role in employee morale, productivity, and retention that broadly impacts operational performance and the bottom line. Perceived work experience can also make or break a job candidate’s decision to join your team. Painful and exhausting commutes that drain pocketbooks can hurt both employee retention and talent recruitment.

Offering scalable, low-cost commute and remote work solutions to employees can serve many critical business needs. Leverage free resources, tools, and services from Get There Oregon and partners to improve employee commutes and help your workforce thrive and grow.

Why “the commute” matters

serve business needsNotwithstanding the COVID-19 crisis, employee commutes have steadily gotten longer over the last decade with traffic delays getting worse. Commute pain will continue to resurface with more employers welcoming employees back to worksites. Longer commutes don’t just cost employees time, but money and energy, too.

More workers commute from farther away due to the lack of affordable housing.
Commuters now spend 20 more minutes a week—17 hours a year—commuting than they did a decade ago.
Average commuting costs were up 34% to nearly $3,000 in 2022.
• A 2018 LinkedIn study found that 85% of workers would take a pay cut to reduce their commute time.

And it’s not just employees who “pay” the cost of commuting. Bad commutes present a range of negative impacts on employers from lost employee productivity to hiring headwinds and costly employee turnover.

Employee commute and remote work support and benefits options

The good news in alleviating bad employee commutes is that there are a lot of options that come with all kinds of added benefits. Remote work that reduces commutes helps improve productivity and work-life balance. Employees sharing the ride to work by carpooling or vanpooling can also share the costs. Transit enables employees to save money and get time back they’d otherwise spend driving. Biking affords a host of health and wellness benefits.

There are many scalable, low-cost commute support and benefit options for employers to offer employees. The spectrum ranges from equipping employees with commute options and remote work information and tools to providing onsite amenities, perks, and benefits.

Assessing your employees’ commute needs and interests can help inform what support and benefits to offer. Get There Oregon and partners can provide consultation, identify resources and tools for employee use, and help with employee outreach and commute planning.

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