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Power Lunch at Clarklewis in Portland.


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Cherry Raincoat


Spring rains are the bane of an Oregon cherry farmer’s existence. Even a few sprinkles can crack the fruit so badly it’s not worth picking. Science to the rescue: Researchers at Oregon State University have developed a spray-on film that cuts rain-related cracking in half, potentially saving a season’s crop. The coating, patented as SureSeal, is made from natural chemicals similar to those found in the skins of cherries: cellulose, palm oil-based wax and calcium.

Hot Topics April 2015

TRADE & TRANSPORTATION   Tuesday, April 21, 7:30 AM – 9:00 Hotel Sentinal   Oregon Business comes to life with our new “Hot Topics/Cool Talks” series: We are excited to debut our Hot Topics/ Cool Talks series: a new way for readers to engage with our magazine and web content. Each month we will bring … Read more