The Last Mile Home

Portland city planners rethink land use and the transportation network as the rise of e-commerce increases congestion and puts climate goals at risk.

Battle Lines

The future of farming is at stake in the Klamath Basin, where drought is sucking the land dry, and conflicting interests over water use threaten a long-term solution.

Brand Energizer

In the 1980s, Turtle Island Foods blazed a trail in the manufacture of plant-based foods. Its CEO is now faced with the task of retaining market share in an increasingly competitive vegan-food market.

The Purposeful Agitator

The philanthropic vision of Meyer Memorial Trust’s new president is to disrupt, repair and rebuild.

Medicaid, Heal Thyself

Beset by rising costs and right-wing rhetoric, can Oregon’s bold experiment to revamp coordinated care organizations make the grade?

On the road with Kate Brown

Dogged by questions of leadership and a shaky relationship with business, the governor goes on tour to find out what employers want — and share her vision of a prosperous Oregon.

The cover story: Powerbook

For this year’s Powerbook issue, I was inspired (or overwhelmed) by the plethora of superheroes being thrust in our faces: The Flash, Arrow, Jessica Jones (which is really rather good) and the microcosm of the seemingly endless DC and Marvel universes on screens large and small. Producing an Oregon power-hero insignia for Oregon clicked as … Read more