Downtime with Scott Newman

Jason E. Kaplan

How Union County Chamber of Commerce’s executive director unwinds

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What are you reading?

During my first year in Oregon, I focused on getting to know as much about Oregon and being an Oregonian as possible: maps, tourist information, various news publications and more. I also enjoy many different automobile magazines, like Car and Driver.


What are you watching?

Favorite movies include the Star Wars series,the Lord of the Rings series and similar productions.
I prefer college competitions over professional sports, with the exception of the Green Bay Packers. My theater preference is anything my daughter has a role in.

What are you listening to?

Being a DJ for more than 20 years, I listen to a broad range of music from Adele to Black Sabbath — my preference depends on the day or my mood. I typically listen to Top 40 or ’80s-’90s pop hits at the office. I also like football sports radio and various talk shows.

What are your hobbies/interests?

Since moving to Oregon, my wife and I have enjoyed taking the Jeep out on different trails and just exploring all that Oregon has to offer. Music remains a hobby I share with others, either while DJing different events or as part of my position as a PA announcer for several Eastern Oregon University sports. I also truly enjoy grilling/smoking on my backyard pellet grill and love to try new recipes or ways of making food.

What was your childhoodor earliest ambition?

One of my early ambitions was to become a race car driver. The sounds, smells and adrenaline rush always interested me. My dad always enjoyed “going to the races,” and this was something I aspired to.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I do not have a favorite go-to; however, I do prefer a warm climate when vacationing. Favorite vacation memories include time spent in Cancun, Las Vegas and Canada (in the summer months).

What motivates you to come to work?

Union County motivates me. I enjoy the people, the area and the opportunities. UC has so much to offer; getting the word out, connecting people to each other and working together to improve our area keeps me excited for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Who is your professional role model?

I am fortunate to have worked with many professionals who have earned my respect and admiration. However, my father is the most significant professional role model in my life. He was an independent small-business owner. His ethics and integrity inspire me daily.